Plek B2B services

Do you need help optimizing your guitar production process but feel unable to make the investment for a Plek machine? Are you involved in guitar distribution or retail and would like to ensure the best possible setup for your guitars? Do you have a CNC machine but are unable to achieve first-class results? Would you like some in-depth feedback and analysis on the quality of your guitar fingerboards and fretwork? Then we have just the thing for you.

Plek B2B services offer Plek processing tailored to your own specifications and requirements. Simply send us your instruments, or instrument necks, and we will process them according to your specifications and either return them to you or pass them on to a distributor of your choice. Alternatively, just give us a call and we can discuss ways of optimizing your production process.

Example scenarios for Plek B2B services include:

  • Consulting and Analysis:
    • In-depth neck and fingerboard analysis
    • Discussion of scan results and improvement scenarios
    • Implementation of single-instrument improvement specifications and discussion of the results 
    • Creation of a production roadmap to include Plek optimization services into your guitar-building workflow
    • Further consulting on all aspects of fingerboard, fretwork and setup improvement.

  • Production/Set-up Services for unfinished instruments or necks:
    • Fret levelling/dressing, also stainless steel
    • Fret slot cutting, including natural bindings
    • Fingerboard planing
    • Fingerboard engravings and inlays
    • Nut cutting
    • Nut slot cutting
    • Saddle slot cutting
    • Plek instrument scans
    • Plek template creation for series processing

  • Setup Services for finished instruments:
    • Fret levelling/dressing
    • Trussrod adjustment
    • Plek instrument scans
    • End setup for optimal playability

These are just a few examples of the ways in which Plek B2B services can aid your business. Contact us for more details and a quote.

Plek B2B services: customized Plek processing to fit your guitar-making requirements.


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