"In running the largest repair shop in the San Francisco Bay area I have had the chance to demonstrate what Plek can do to a wide variety of players. The response has been amazing and overwhelming not only from players but from other technicians as well. This will set a new standard inwhich fret work and playability will be measured.I have been milling frets since 1974 and wishing for something like this since 1975."

Gary Brawer, Gary Brawers Stringed Instruments Repair, San Francisco


"While I do not have permission to use their names in advertisements,magazine articles or any publication, I can tell you that many very different top quality players of renown such as (...) and many, many other highly qualified professionals have given me VERY strong positive feedbackabout this process, which has made me confident that this Plek process is significantly better than anything done by the previous hand method, even in a shop like ours, well known for those skills. Furthermore, the word-of-mouth player recommendation of this Plek work and amazing new technology has sped the exposure of the Plek technology, virtually replacing the need for advertisement."

Joe Glaser, Glaser Guitars, Nashville/Tennessee


"The Plek machine optimizes the guitar frets each time with such precision it`s just a dream come true. As a luthier always seeking perfection, I`m proud now to offer the Plek technology to my customers."

Erik Welo, Gulden Guitars, Norway

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