Maestro Guitars at the HGGS 2016

Ho Zen: I'm Ho Zen, I'm from Singapore. I'm chief luthier of Maestro Guitars. And I'm here at the Holy Grail Show to show the guys, everyone, some of the instruments which I make myself and also to interact with the rest of the builders around here. It has been an amazing experience so far and I'm looking forward to the next one!

PLEK: Do you work on your own, Ho Zen?

Ho Zen: I work with a team. I have a team of six guys. Each of us does different things. I do the voicing and I do the design of the instruments and yes, we have a Plek machine.

PLEK: Ah, ok.

Ho Zen: We have a Plek machine that does the setup of the instrument. All our instruments go through the Plek machine before they are shipped.


Ho Zen: And the reason why we use the Plek machine is that the Plek machine has been amazing. It has been something which is very consistent. It makes our dress, our fret jobs, very consistent.....I mean, a human would probably take a whole day to get that level of consistency and quality So the Plek machine really saves us a lot of time in terms of getting an impeccable fret job for our instruments

PLEK: Why did you decide to come to the Holy Grail Guitar Show? It's a long way from Singapore, isn't it?

Ho Zen: Well, this is a prestigious show! You know, I just have to come here and experience the vibe! the whole atmosphere yeah It's been amazing!

PLEK: Right, great. Ok dude. Thank you. Thank you so much!

Ho Zen: Sure! I hope it's good!

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