Plek: Timeline
around 1986 Gerd Anke starts seting up guitars by hand
Around 1988 First attempt to automate the setup and fret dress process, at first purely mechanically
1990 First computer program to control the mechanical devices
May 90 Gerd Anke and Michael Dubach founded the first company named PLEKTRON based in Anke's apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg, one employee
1993 Company renamed plek, the first shop in Berlin-Neukölln servicing customer instruments with a functioning trial machine
1997 Registration as patented design
Jan 98 Founding of plek Gitarrentechnologie GmbH, 3 employees
1998/1999 International patent registration and development of a production-ready  plek basic prototype
2000 First presentation of the plek basic at the Frankfurt Music Fair
2000/2001 The first plek basic is taken into service outside of Berlin at Art of Sound, Cologne ; more shops follow (among others in Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Bavaria, Saarland, Berlin)
2001 The first plek basic is taken into action outside of Germany at Chandler Guitars, London, UK
2001 Presentation of the plek basic at the Summer NAMM in Nashville/TN, USA
2001 First plek basic sold (Glaser Instruments, Nashville/TN, USA)
2002 Founding of A+D Gitarrentechnologie GmbH, eight employees
2002/2003 Further work is done on the development from plek basic to plek pro
Dez 03 First use of the plek basic in guitar production (Heritage, Kalamazoo/MI, USA)
Jan 04 Introduction of the plek pro at the Winter NAMM in Anaheim/CA, USA
Feb 04 First plek pro sold (Glaser Instruments, Nashville/TN, USA)
2004/05 Development of the sts, a String Tension Simulator, for the plek pro
2005 First Plek machine in Australia (Sydney Guitar Setups)
2005 First use of the plek pro/sts in guitar production (Gibson Custom Shop, Nashville/TN, USA)
2006 First plek pro/sts sold to the Asian market (Takamine, Japan)
2007 20th plek pro machine sold
2007 Development of the plek station, the new machine generation for repair shops and small manufacturers
2008 First plek station sold
2008 Development of a new plek pro machine generation for guitar manufacturers
2009 Presentation of the "Open 'String Box", a stroboscope showing string movement in slow motion
2010 Establishment of US-based Plek Services LLC
2011 50th plek machine sold
2012 Start of Fret Cutter Resharpening Services in the USA
2013 Extension of Plek Berlin business premises and production facilities
2015 First Plek machine in Canada (Bruce Guitars, Vancouver)

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